Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just Keep Swimming!!

One thing I have really enjoyed this summer is swimming with Little Bug! She wasn't to fond of the swimming pool earlier in the season... the water was a little cool for her. But, once the outside temperature went up, so did the water temp. Bug loves to splash and play in the water!! This was the first pool we got for her, which she enjoyed until she figured out she could crawl right out of it!

My parents bought a really nice pool for her at their house from Academy, so I think we are going to find the same one for here. The sides are much taller and thicker, so she can cruise along the sides without pouring all the water out.

In May, our neighborhood hosted there annual Luau to celebrate the reopening of the pool for the summer season. Since we are on the Pool and Common Grounds committee in our HOA, Tim volunteered to work the Cotton Candy machine. Nonnie and Granddaddy came to visit so we all stopped by to visit Tim and play in the splash pad .

Walking in the water with Granddaddy.

Chillin' after a fun day at the pool. :)
For Memorial Day we went out of town to hang out with Tim's family. One of his parent's friends were out of town for the weekend and let us swim in their pool. Kailey LOVED swimming with her cousins and going down the water slide with Daddy!! I wish I had been able to catch a picture of her face when they went down the slide... it was priceless! It appears Kailey really does like the water!
Swimming with Daddy.