Monday, December 13, 2010

Back in the Saddle

After our mad dash to get everything in place for our adoption a couple months ago, and after things fell through with our first round, we decided to take a breather for a month or so. There was some paperwork that needed updating, so we took our time getting that done. I guess there was a part of me that was still hurting over the loss of our first attempt, and I wasn't ready to move on just yet. It is amazing how quickly you can love a little baby you have never even met yet! We bathed her in prayer, came up with names, started imagining what our life would be like with her in it, and then, just as quickly as she came into our life, she was gone. And even though I will probably never see her face, she will still have a piece of my heart! I praise the Lord for her brave mother who is working so hard to give her a good life, in spite of the circumstances!!

Last week we decided it was time to jump back into the mix... well, it was actually a combination of us finally being ready to put ourselves back out there, and the agency emailing us that they needed our generic letters to update our profile. Now that our updated letters are in, there is nothing left for us to do but wait! I sometimes forget that we are potential adoptive parents and that at any moment we could get a call about a baby. I am thankful for our Bug, who keeps me busy, and keeps my mind off of wondering/worrying!! People have asked if we will be more guarded this next go-around... and my answer is no. I don't want to go into a potential adoption half-hearted out of fear of a failed placement! Each baby and birthmother needs our prayers and love, regardless of whether they see the adoption through to the end or not. I also want my Godly family to know where we are in this journey! We would love for you to intercede on our behalf, to ask God for His guidance and wisdom! We are ready to climb back in saddle, and I hope you will join us!