Thursday, January 13, 2011

Now We Know Why!

We got a letter from our adoption agency a couple weeks ago. Every time something comes in the mail from them my heart skips a beat. I'm sure if something really important had happened, they would call... but I still get sweaty palms as I open their letters. This letter, to most who got it, would have been informative, but nothing too exciting, but to us, it was an answer to prayer. The letter basically said that the agency was no longer accepting applications for new adoptive parents at this time. Since they average about 15 adoptions a year, they would like to keep the number of waiting families around the same. Now that they have at least 15 families waiting, they have decided to hold off on bringing in more. At the bottom of the letter it said,  "To clear up any confusion, you are already on the list." My eyes welled up with tears, God had answered my question of "Why?" Why did He have us work so frantically to get our adoption paperwork/interviews/homestudy done in time to adopt the baby girl we thought we were going to get, just to slam the door shut at the last minute?? He wanted us to be on the list with our agency!! And if we had gone at our pace instead of His, we would not have made the list this year!!

Lord - I feel so blessed that you chose to answer my heart's cry to You. I was so mad at You! I was so heartbroken! I didn't deserve an answer from You, and yet You gave me one. Forgive me for questioning You and Your motives. Help me to trust in You, and to truly believe that Your plan is for my good. Thank You for Your grace which you have poured on me!