Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Adoption - Not Much to Tell / DNow - Pics

I'm trying to update once a month unless something exciting happens, then I will tell you right away! Well, there are only a few days left in February, so this might be my only post this month. So far, not much has happened. We have only heard from our agency twice this month via email, and they had nothing to do with our adoption. One was for a birthmom who needed a dorm sized refrigerator, and the other was to invite us to attend their annual fundraiser golf tournament. Is it wrong for me to think they are crazy to invite current waiting families to attend to golf tournament and donate?!?! I mean, we are already paying them $1000 a month, and we barely have two pennies to rub together after that! Oh well.... we will continue to trust in God!

Since that was a rather short and uneventful adoption update, I thought I would update you on some fun happenings around here! A little over a week ago, Tim and I had the opportunity to lead 11th grade girls and boys in Disciple Now at our old church. We had a blast!!! I was so blessed to have an amazing group of girls who made my job so much fun... In fact, I probably learned more from them than they did from me! We told stories, watched silly YouTube videos, sang along with Singing in the Rain, played Chinese freeze tag (which is when my body quickly reminded me I wasn't 17 anymore!), hung out with Burt, did some community service work, and learned about how to have healthy, Godly relationships. Here are some pictures from the community service scavenger hunt we did (my girls (and Burt) came in third place out of 13 teams!!):

Cleaning tables at a fast food place

Picking up trash at a city park


Buying a stranger's coffee

Reading a story to a random child in a bookstore. His parents didn't mind at all that a bunch of girls wanted to read to him, and he didn't seem to mind it either ;)

Helping someone take their groceries to the car


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